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I have been working in retail marketing for 20 years in a number of jobs with lots of responsibility and international contacts. When Bert retired from his job we decided to change some things drastically in our lives. Spending more time together was one of those things. The idea of starting an art studio arose and where better to realize that than in our beloved Le Marche, Italy. At ART STUDIO BERT I am responsible for media, contacts, events and everyday business. Finding new contacts, exhibition possibilities and other ways to show Bert’s work. I am also an important sparring partner for Bert when he is creating. Like Bert I am easy going and calm as well. I love to be the proud partner behind the artist! I like to get involved and I have to admit, this is not limited to Bert and his art. I also love taking care of our dog and quite a few ‘village cats’ that have found a loving place at our home. My other big love is styling and decorating. With my sense of style and dedication and together with Bert, I restored and decorated our house and terraces with eye for detail. Looking for unique and characteristic items on the Antiques market is one of my favorite things to do. I also likes to do some small furniture restyling to give items a second life. Now the house is kind of finished I offer my services to other house owners as personal shopper and decorator.

August 2018


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LET'S START NOW! Constance's Cat Program (CCP) starts today. I start this program to achieve a healthy cat population in Montefiore dell'Aso. Let's prevent there will be more homeless cats and more unnecessary [...]

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