How we work

A visit to our studio is the ideal starting point to get a good impression of the painting. To see the paintings in real life allows you to actually experience the paintings. You can see the structure, the many colours and feel the emotion.
Most paintings that are available you’ll find here. We love to show you around!

To see whether a painting fits your home we can come over with a selection of paintings when your place is in the area. If you cannot decide right away and would like to have a few days to consider, that’s usually not a problem.

Great of course, if you have decided to buy one of our paintings. It’s a big complement and it really motivates us!

Should it be that you are not able to make a choice or you are looking for a painting in a specific size or colour, then making a commissioned work is also possible. Together we have a look at the requirements and possibilities, so it is clear what to expect.

The price of our paintings is determined by their size. We use fixed prices. Click on the image of a painting and you will see all details.
Perhaps you are surprised by the affordability of our paintings, but we think it’s important to sell work regularly because it’s inspiring. This is simply easier done when a painting is accessible to a larger group of people.

We decide together what’s the best way to get a painting at its destination. Of course pickup at the studio is possible, but perhaps the work does not fit in your car or the distance is too far to get it yourself. When the painting also cannot be transported by us, then shipping with UPS / DHL is the best option. We take care of adequate packaging of the painting and arrange the shipping at a favorable rate. Cost for delivery / shipping is at your expense.

This information sounds a bit formal, but it is better to have some legal matters clear to avoid misunderstandings.

If you bought one of our paintings you obtain ownership of the painting. You decide, of course, entirely where the painting will be put or for instance if you want to display it on an exhibition. You even might want to sell it again after some time. No problem.

Image rights and copyrights remain legally always with the artist / creator, unless the artist explicitly (in writing) renounces them. Would you like to use the image for a greeting card, the cover of a book or any other commercial activity, then you need our permission beforehand. In addition to the consent we also have to agree on an appropriate fee for using our artwork.

If you are interested in obtaining license for commercial purposes, please let us know. We’d be happy to discuss the options with you.

Together we are ART STUDIO BERT


Bert Jacobs

I worked in wholesale / retail marketing for a big part of my life. I was responsible for development and operations of all kinds of sales promotion. All with a large visual component and highly result oriented. I am good at problem solving and bringing things back to their essence. My creativity was and still is often called upon by many.

I am easy going and calm, but also an artist with passion. Love to talk with you about my paintings and the materials I use. Curious about what other people see in my paintings. When not painting, I love to go out and discover what is happening around me. The landscape, the sun, the people and of course the food and wine. I absorb the shapes, colors and emotion. All inspiration to make vibrant paintings!

Together with Constance I created a lovely home and artist’s studio in Montefiore dell’Aso, Le Marche, Italy. Together we are responsible for many of the ideas for our townhouse in the historical centre and also a big part of the restoration itself. Our extensive experience and artistic minds enable us to have created a comfortable and stylish home.

Constance van Wetering – Jacobs

I have been working in retail marketing for 20 years in a number of jobs with lots of responsibility and international contacts. When Bert retired from his job we decided to change some things drastically in our lives. Spending more time together was one of those things. The idea of starting an art studio arose and where better to realize that than in our beloved Le Marche, Italy.

At ART STUDIO BERT I am responsible for media, contacts, events and everyday business. Finding new contacts, exhibition possibilities and other ways to show Bert’s work. I am also an important sparring partner for Bert when he is creating. Like Bert I am easy going and calm as well. I love to be the proud partner behind the artist!

I like to get involved and I have to admit, this is not limited to Bert and his art. I also love taking care of our dog and quite a few ‘village cats’ that have found a loving place at our home. My other big love is styling and decorating. With my sense of style and dedication and together with Bert, I restored and decorated our house and terraces with eye for detail. Looking for unique and characteristic items on the Antiques market is one of my favorite things to do. I also likes to do some small furniture restyling to give items a second life.
Now the house is kind of finished I offer my services to other house owners as personal shopper and decorator.

What Bert makes


It’s great to make large paintings; I love it. Therefore I have many in my collection. ‘Large’ starts in my collection at roughly 100cm. Some large paintings consist of a number of panels or are together as a set of two or three paintings. Paintings made as a set are not available separately from each other.

The painting ‘Night Out’, made in 2009, is the base for a series of 100 serigraphs with four different main colors.
The high-quality serigraphs are made the traditional way by a Dutch specialist, Kees van Meel.

Some serigraphs are edited afterwards with acrylic paint. This way new, unique work is created within the series.

When Bert saw some large iron horses in a shop he absolutely wanted to have them. He was struck by their graceful posture and saw the many possibilities to decorate them. The horses are painted and decorated in different styles so they each became a uniquely decorated object. The height of the horses is 90cm.