I always paint on wooden panels and use acrylic paint. When the painting is finished and it adds the finishing touch to the painting, I make a wooden frame to fit the painting.

Large paintings

It’s great to make large paintings; I love it. Therefore I have many in my collection. ‘Large’ starts in my collection at 125 x 125cm. Some large paintings consist of a number of panels or are together as a set of two or three paintings. Paintings made as a set are not available separately from each other.

Smaller paintings

Anything smaller than 125 x 125cm I consider medium sized or small.
There is a limit to the smaller sized paintings I make. As my way of working better fits larger paintings I don’t have many smaller paintings in my collection. The smalles size I use is 60 x 60cm.


The painting ‘Night Out’, which I made in 2009, has served as the base for a series of 100 serigraphs that were created for me. Within the series we changed the main color four times to have more diversity.
The high-quality serigraphs are made the traditional way by a Dutch specialist, Kees van Meel.

Some serigraphs I edited afterwards with acrylic paint. This way new, unique work is created within the series.

(statement van Kees van Meel toevoegen)

Decorative objects

When I saw some large iron horses in a shop I absolutely wanted to have them. I was struck by their graceful posture and saw the many possibilities to decorate them. I’ve painted the horses in different styles so they each became a uniquely decorated object. The height of the horses is 90cm.